USPS gets “Phygital” with Informed Delivery

Informed Delivery: 12M Consumers and Growing

One of the ways the USPS is going “phygital” – combining print with digital – is with their Informed Delivery service.

After a consumer signs up for Informed Delivery, they receive an email with a digital image of what’s being delivered to their mailbox. The service provides companies with the ability to do an image replacement; instead of showing a low-resolution, black-and-white image of what’s coming in the mail, they can incorporate color and graphics. Plus, the image replacement is located at the top of the email, giving companies a way to get their marketing message front and center.

The USPS will match your mailing list to their list of Informed Delivery subscribers. This group wants to see a preview of their physical mail.

When Informed Delivery launched in 2017, 75% of overall consumers were interested in the service with 88% of millennials indicating their interest. This demonstrates consumers’ desire for an integrated, omni-channel experience.

Today, approximately 12 million consumers are currently using Informed Delivery, with 2 million of those users joining in July and August 2018, alone.

BTW – I love having Informed Delivery. I like having the preview of my mail, especially when I’m travelling. Last week I got an image from Macy’s, where I was able to click right into their catalog, which is truly one of the benefits of this new option. Great for branding, great for visibility – it’s a fabulous product with limitless potential.

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