The difference between Web Design and Graphic Design

As the internet becomes more prominent, more and more companies are looking for web designers to join their teams. Often, the role of a web designer can be skewed with a graphic designer and vice versa. There is a clear distinction between what a graphic designer and a web designer does. Many times, a web designer and graphic designer are given similar tasks but their outlook and approach are very different.

 What is the difference between web design and graphic design? blog

Graphic designers are concerned with the art and have more a role that deals with the forefront of a project. They are more involved with the artistic and graphic side of a project. Graphic designers will create images by hand or with some type of technological aid. They are also more concerned with the presentation of a project. The role graphic designers tend to play are often involved in the advertising and making sure the project has the appropriate look and feel.

Web designers are more concerned with the technology and have more of a behind the scenes role. They are responsible for writing code, such as JavaScript. Web designers tend to take a piece of artwork and turn it into code, thus making them responsible for the look of a webpage. The role web designers to play are more on the web aspects of a project and concentrating on the user experience in a project.

Web designers and graphic designers work together to determine the artistic layout and overall feel for a project. While graphic designers are concerned with the artistic part of a project, web designers help bridge art into to the technological side of a project.

Guest blogger Mary Gualtieri