The best way to view pdf proofs

To avoid a multitude of erroneous software interpretations of your pdf proofs, all PDF proofs must be opened in Acrobat Reader (or Acrobat Pro) for the most accurate viewing (for a free download of Acrobat Reader, click the link above).

DO NOT view pdf proofs in internet browsers (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome) and other PDF software (such as Apple Preview) as they are not suitable for viewing print-ready PDF files. Smart phones and tablets are not suitable for proofing either.

The rendering engines in these software applications are not as powerful or accurate as Acrobat Reader and often display positioning, color and transparency differently than Acrobat which offers the truest rendition in comparison to what will print.

Please keep in mind that when viewing pdfs, you are looking at transmit tent RGB light on a screen that is (most likely) not calibrated to your printer’s printing device which will print it in CMYK pigments that reflect light along with the paper they are printed on. What you are viewing will generally be brighter and more vibrant than the actual printing and it is not intended to be a color contract proof.

It is extremely important to turn on Overprint Preview in your Acrobat or Acrobat Reader Preferences to accurately view your PDF proofs.

To set this:
• Click on “Edit” in the top left of your Acrobat frame and choose “Preferences” in the drop-down list. – Preferences Window will launch.
• In the Preferences window, choose “Page Display” in the top section left list.
•You will then see “Use Overprint Preview:” with a toggle window after it (about two thirds of the way down the interface window).
• Click the arrow of that toggle window and set it to “Always”.
• Click “OK” button at the bottom of the window.

Your Acrobat pdf viewing will now be accurate.