Ritter’s Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Sappi Paper

It’s not too often that we see a direct mail piece that makes us say “wow” but a piece we received earlier this year did just that. Sappi is a paper manufacturer and was advertising for its Printer of the Year Award. Let’s take a closer look.

Format: The envelope was 6” x 9” and the insert sheet was slightly smaller to fit inside the envelope. The envelope opened on the short edge and had a small notch so one could pull out the insert.

Sappi North America_Page_1 Sappi North America_Page_2 Sappi North America_Page_4 Sappi North America_Page_3 Sappi North America_Page_5

Design: Over the years we have found paper manufacturers’ designs to be among the most elaborate and this one did not disappoint. Sappi produced a custom envelope with large solids and the opening on the side was a nice touch. The interior piece was a solid red ink and really stood out.

Printing and Paper: They used 100# gloss cover for both pieces but you would never know it because of the unusual techniques used. The envelope was printed with double hits of the dark and light blue inks plus spot dull varnish, spot gloss varnish and spot gloss raised uv coating. On the non-address side, the harsh marks and the word “Whoa” had the raised uv coating so it actually felt almost like thermography with the raised printing. The red interior sheet used two hits of the red, a dark blue ink plus spot dull reticulated uv varnish and spot gloss coating. The reticulated uv varnish made the paper feel synthetic or like a plastic paper which was a very nice and unusual effect.

Presentation: Envelopes always look sharp with a big solid and knock out of the mailing panel. The notch  was a nice touch where the opening is on the side so you can see the red inside sheet and know to pull it out.

Purpose: Sappi is sponsoring a Printer of the Year contest and this direct mailer is asking for submissions.

Offer and Call to Action: The offer is to be considered for the Printer of the Year. The call to action is to send in printed submissions by a certain date. They were clear and easy to see.

Digital technology integration: None other than a web address to access the entry form but none was really needed for this piece.

Personalization: The piece was not personalized but it did not need to be as it was directed at printing companies.

Sappi hit a home run with this piece. Most companies do not utilize so many different techniques on one piece so it really made an impression.