Resources and Inspiration for Direct Mail Marketing

USPS Irresistible Mail Microsite, USPS’s Irresistible Mail microsite, includes a selection of the finest and most innovative mail campaigns that brands have successfully executed via direct mail. From case studies to demonstrations on how to create interactive pieces, this site is an all-in-one resource for direct mail inspiration. While you’re there, order your own copy of the “Make Your Mail Irresistible” Mail Book.

Mapping Services

Personalized variable maps for direct mail, email and websites add creative impact, enhance brand recognition, and create engagement. Visit

Consider a Handwritten Look

Business direct mail often feels cold or corporate. Adding a handwritten touch is one way to make copy feel personal, but manual handwriting is time-consuming and costly. Luckily, digital services today let you create realistic digital handwriting in any style you see fit. Ask your Account Executive to research that perfect handwriting font for your next personalized direct mail, or turn your own handwriting into a font— for free! Check out