Is Your Direct Mail Taking a Beating?

Here are 5 Ways to Create Resilient Direct Mail

Direct mail is a great way to reach your customers and prospects, but often times what your customer receives is far from the first impression you want to make. Are bent corners, smudges and tears afflicting your direct mail? Make your direct mail more resilient with these five tips.

  1. 4_Ritters-Communications_Create-Resilient-Direct-Mail_Featured-Image1. Choose a Heavier Stock. As most marketers know, presentation matters. One of the biggest contributing factors with a direct mail piece is the very paper it’s printed on. Choosing a thin paper can wreak havoc on the critical first impression. Choose a paper stock that can withstand the multiple exchanges of hands without suffering the wear and tear. Recommended paper weight for direct mail postcards would the equivalent of 100# cover weight or 10 pt. card stock, as a minimum weight. Ideally, we would suggest 12 pt. or heavier.
  2. 2. Add a UV Coating. Ultra Violet Coating is a glossy coating applied to the surface of a printed piece and cured with a special machine using ultra violet light. UV Coating is environmentally friendly, enhances the mail piece appearance and, most importantly, adds a good layer of abrasion resistance. The coating resists smudging and marking that often comes with the sorting and delivery of mail.
  3. 3. Lamination, Lamination, Lamination. An alternative way to strengthen your direct mail piece is through lamination. By laminating the piece, you can minimize the smudging and marking that even a good coating may not withstand. Looking to save a little but keep your direct mail strong? Opt for a thinner stock paper and laminate only the messaging side of our direct mail piece, leaving the address side un-laminated. This will allow you to take advantage of variable print on the address side while keeping your messaging looking clean and crisp.
  4. 4. Shine Through with Clear Envelopes. We’re sure you’ve seen them… a creative direct mail piece enclosed in a see-through envelope. Choosing to send your direct mail in one of these envelopes is a great way to keep the visual impact of your piece without sacrificing anything on delivery. The envelope protects your piece from the smudging and marking, leaving your direct mail to make the biggest impact possible.
  5. 5. Design a Custom Envelope. Envelopes have been encasing important messages and documents since the Babylonian era in 2,000 BC. The envelope, and often time understated component of mailing, is the first (and sometimes the last) thing that your consumer will see. The USPS calls the time spent sorting, organizing and reading the mail “The Mail Moment”. This is the time when consumers bring in their mail and discover what it has to offer. This is the time your envelope needs to stand out. Create a custom envelope that separates your direct mail piece from the pack. Use a design that is eye-catching and speaks to your brand. Remember, if you can’t get them to open the envelope, your creative mail piece or collateral inside will never be noticed or read.