Ritter’s Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Florida Atlantic University

When sending out direct mail campaigns, varying the size of your mailer can often lead to better results. Many companies lock into using the same size for each mailer so changing up the size will allow you to measure the responses based on size.  Florida Atlantic University (FAU) recently mailed us a piece that not only was an unusual size but included a uniquely folded brochure. Let’s take a closer look.

Format: FAU used a 5.5” x 5.5” square envelope. The brochure was 5” x 15” and folded down to 5” x 5”.20150402153400583_Page_3

Design: The most interesting part of this direct mailer was the brochure. They used a nice mix of white space and ink. FAU employed a long triangle fold which starts as a long rectangular shape and folds down using parallel and angled folds into a square with two facing triangles. This type of fold is not common so it was quite memorable.


Printing & Paper: FAU used a bright white quality cardstock for the brochure. Rather than using full color, they used PMS gray and teal inks with some type reversed out of the teal.




Presentation: We received the piece as is. The 5.5” envelope is also not used frequently so it really stood out in the mail. Keep in mind this special shape does require additional postage.

Purpose: The mailer was addressed to the head of our graphics department and was trying to get us to attend an exhibition for FAU’s graduating seniors from their Fine Arts Department. We can draw the conclusion this would be a networking event for the graduating seniors so they could mingle with prospective employers and their peers. FAU is a local university so there was brand recognition on our part.

Offer and Call to action: The offer was an opportunity to meet the graduating seniors and preview their work. They could have used a stronger call to action by asking for an rsvp by a certain date. There was no rsvp date mentioned nor a phone number to call to rsvp so it must just be a stop in and mingle type of event.


Digital technology integration: None other than a website. The website listed the information about the event as well as a logo for each graduating student. If you clicked on the logo, you were brought to a page that listed the student’s contact information and several samples of their work.

Personalization: The invitation was addressed to the head of our graphics department so they had the correct name and title of who one would expect to be their target audience.

Overall a great piece due to the attention to detail in their direct mail marketing: first, hitting their target market and second, producing an unusual piece that was visually interesting but that’s what I would expect from graphic designers!