Sometimes a smaller-size mailing can pack a real punch. We tend to think oversized mailers are better for attracting attention, but a recent mailer from Big Ass Fans refutes that theory. A well-designed direct mail piece that is small can still garner much greater response than a poorly-designed larger mailer. Let’s take a closer look.
Why the significant drops? Format: The clear poly outer envelope was 4 7/8” x 8”. The brochure was 16 5/8” x 26 ½” unfolded and folded multiple times down to 4 3/16” x 6 5/8”.
Design: The brochure had it all: a large gold solid with the phrase “Rule the Air” along with a logo on one side of the folded mailer and an attractive design with an eye-catching red tagline on the mailing side. As the brochure was unfolded, there was a nice mix of photos, text and large solids of color. One entire side of the brochure was a photo of one of their fans with the labeling “The fan. The myth. The legend”. At a size of nearly 17” x 27”, that was a large photo! Big Ass Fans did a great job of weaving in their gold color throughout the brochure. The gold is an accent color on all of their fans and lighting which, even though subtle, really stands out.
Printing & Paper: There weren’t any special printing techniques used, the stock was heavy enough and it arrived in good condition.
Presentation: Using a clear envelope allows the sender to show off more of their brochure. In Big Ass Fan’s case, mailing the brochure without an envelope is not possible. Postal regulations dictate that the maximum number of panels on a brochure in order to mail it as a self-mailer is twelve. This brochure has sixteen. Clearly Big Ass Fans was aware of that rule and designed their direct mail piece accordingly.
Purpose: Big Ass Fans is using this piece to drive sales.
Offer and Call to Action: The offer was a free facility analysis and to also receive a free Big Ass Fans logo pint glass. The offer was in two spots: on the mailing panel and also, much larger on one of the inside panels. There was an expiration date listed for the pint glass only on the inside panel, which helps lend a sense of urgency.
Digital technology integration: None. Big Ass Fans wanted the brochure to sell their product. However, their website has a robust Resources section, full of case studies, articles, videos and more. Why not include a QR code to take them there?
Personalization: None but none was needed.
Overall, a very distinctive piece based on size, the clear poly bag envelope and the design of the brochure. This mailer checked off all the boxes for me with regards to appearance and audience interaction – I wanted to keep unfolding the brochure. It proved that good things come in small packages!