1. What’s new in paper?

    What’s new in paper?

    Let’s take a look at some new papers and trends at Neenah Paper. The company was founded in 1873 and is known to be a world class manufacturer of premium writing, text, cover, specialty and private watermark papers and is sold throughout North America. Neenah has rolled out and revamped...

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  2. Paper Traits

    Paper Traits

    Here are some common paper traits and their definitions, courtesy of Mohawk Papers. Opacity: This measures the amount of light passing through a sheet of paper in values from 1 (the most transparent) to 100% (the most opaque). A paper with high opacity will have minimal show through to the...

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  3. Paper Basics: Types of Papers

    Paper Basics: Types of Papers

    The most common papers used in commercial printing are coated, offset and opaque, text and cover, writing and specialty. Let’s take a look at each: Coated: Coated papers have a coating added on their surface before the paper is finished which limits the amount of ink absorbed by the paper...

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  4. Card affixing

    Card affixing

    What is card affixing? Ritter’s can attach a business card, plastic card or magnet to a letter, self-mailer or postcard. Otherwise known as tipping or tip on, it’s used most often in the retail or service industries as a leave behind. The goal is for the recipient to save your...

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