Add impact to your direct mail with envelopes

Your envelope has one goal: to get opened. The outer envelope is just as important as what is inside the envelope. Here’s a few key things to consider:


  • Customers make a subconscious judgment about a direct mail piece within 90 seconds of initial viewing.
  • 60-90% of this assessment is based on color. Adding full color increases response rates by 45%.
  • Using color creates a more “exclusive” look. Branded, well-designed and informative envelopes add to the value of the piece.
  • 84% of consumers say color is the primary reason for buying a product.
  • 80% believe color increases brand recognition. 


  • Incorporating special varnishes or uv and foils can create an impact.
  • Incorporate interactive elements, different textures and new design ideas to add a sense of discovery to the experience. 

Shapes and sizes:

  • An unusual shaped envelope is not a guarantee for success but will improve your chances of getting opened. 

A few other hints that can help you get past the gatekeeper and into the hands of your targeted audience:

  1. Teaser copy
  2. Direct call to action such as “Don’t miss this sale”
  3. An image of your product
  4. A deadline
  5. Heavier paper which is often associated with higher quality and upscale brands
  6. Zip-strip opener, peel off sticker or pull off post-it note
  7. Non-standard window

Experiment with the ideas above to best suit your product/service as well as your targeted audience. Don’t let your envelope be an afterthought!