Multi-channel Strategy

How do multi-channel strategies work to increase response?

Our strategies can be paired with an e-mail campaign, social media advertising or banner advertising. Determine which channels are the most effective in your marketing and get insight on how to proceed with future engagement. Speak to your prospects with a singular purpose across multiple channels and measure the results. Now you can provide qualified leads to sales, close business and focus on revenue grow mrg1Tth.

86% of marketing professionals agree that successfully integrating multiple channels under a single integrated marketing strategy is crucial to their long-term success. – Forrester Research

What makes Ritter’s uniquely qualified to drive engagement for your business?

Successful marketing campaigns start with an in-depth knowledge of your customers. We explore your markets, define your target audience and campaign objectives, and devise a marketing strategy optimized to deliver the best results using digital and traditional channels. We then review the data during and after the campaign in order to run even more effective strategies as campaigns unfold.

Our platform can integrate direct mail, e-mail, social media, banner advertising, SMS (Text), print and tie all the traffic back to analytics that measures the effectiveness of each channel through response of targeted prospects in each of these channels. We give you the business intelligence to make decisions based on results, not gut feelings.

Content published on 2 or 3 channels had a 24% increase in engagement – Stand Out Social Marketing

E-mail Marketing integration

Direct mail still enjoys the highest engagement rate of all channels and combined with e-mail marketing can be used to build anticipation of your value proposition. You can use the prospect name, imagery based on information in your database and even a design that matches a persona or prospect profile to build a unique customer engagement.

Your e-mail campaign can also support personalization and that’s where the magic happens. Whether you are running a lead generation campaign or just continuing a dialog with your existing customers, personalization and one-to-one communication on multiple channels is not only effective, it’s expected. A carefully coordinated messaging strategy executed on many channels has a multiplying effect on the response rate of a campaign and that gives you more opportunities to close sales. Learn more

Multi-channel Strategy
Multi-channel Strategy

Facebook marketing integration

Facebook marketing is an excellent way to support your other marketing efforts. Instead of creating a “social media campaign”, present a coordinated message with your other channels. Direct mail benefits from a “lift” in response when you target your list recipients on their social media channels. Even if you think your B2B client doesn’t use Facebook, there’s a good chance that they do after hours and that’s where you leverage that screen time: presenting your ads, increasing your visibility and your chances of engaging with them. Learn more

Digital Marketing Integration

How do you know that someone engaged with you through a Google banner ad and then responded to a direct mail piece before finally requesting an appointment because they saw the third e-mail in a nurturing campaign? You need a platform that will help you figure that out. The truth is that it’s different for every company and the only way to truly be effective is to consistently test your channels.

At Ritter’s we have a platform that can help you coordinate and determine what channels are the most effective at driving engagement. More importantly, it can show you what combinations of channels are working best.

As far as “where to start”, there are best practices involved in setting up a campaign strategy and that’s where Ritter’s can help you. Even if you are already running campaigns, you can integrate existing accounts and start measuring how it all works together. Learn more

Multi-channel Strategy
Multi-channel Strategy

Marketing Automation

Discover what Marketing Automation is and how it can generate revenue and fill your sales funnel. Imagine inbound marketing that automates lead-generation, nurtures your prospects with useful content, builds awareness of your brand, and ultimately converts prospects into customers. It all comes down to response:

  • Registrations to enrollments
  • Leads to attendees
  • Funds raised to votes cast
  • ...even sales booked!

Whether you are looking for a way to generate more leads, build loyalty among your existing customers, or boost sales, Ritter’s Communications can help you develop a marketing strategy to accomplish your goals. The talented team at Ritter’s specializes in creating powerful campaigns that combine traditional and digital marketing strategies in the most effective mix to reach your target audience. Learn more

Integrating Direct Mail

The proliferation of digital marketing has made the inbox much more crow mrg1Tded than the mail box. Many companies who abandoned a traditional direct marketing approach are suffering through low response rates, increasing competition, higher costs per click and a lackluster pipeline. Take advantage of the new technologies available to direct mail and integrate those technologies to your digital analytics so you can track direct mail along with the rest of the campaign. What’s the secret? It starts with and ends with data. We can show you how. Learn more

Multi-channel Strategy