Direct mail – what it is, how and why it works, and what it can do for your company

Direct Mail – Why It Works, And What It Can Do For Your Company

With direct mail, your message is placed directly in the hands of your target audience. Because the amount of mail delivered has actually decreased, your message stands out more. Consider these exciting facts:

79% of households say they read or scan direct mail ads (DMA)
92% of shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions (DMA)

Direct mail generates an immediate response, while delivering longevity of marketing value.

What Makes Ritter’s The Direct Mail Experts

We have processed millions of pieces of mail for our customers in Florida and the Southeast U.S. This gives Ritter’s an extra edge that other direct marketing companies simply cannot match.

Ritter’s has an in-depth understanding of the ever-changing USPS rates and regulations that we will use to help you develop the most cost-effective solutions for your individual projects. Some of the benefits of partnering with Ritter’s include:

Experts in Postal Regulations
Database management: confidentiality & data security
Maximum postage savings
Ability to get jobs in the mail quickly
Experienced at assembling campaigns from start to finish: from creative to production
What makes Ritter’s the Direct Mail Experts

Data Processing Solutions

We help solve complex data management problems and improve processes for outbound communications to our customers and target audiences. Ritter’s can help leverage segmentation and analyze data to pull relevant information into outbound communications such as direct mail, e-mail and supporting materials. Learn more

Data Security

Know your data is secure and private with Ritter’s Communications. Your data safety is our foremost priority at Ritter’s Communications. We utilize the most advanced security technology appliances available on the market, protecting your data behind a next generation firewall with a sophisticated intrusion detection and prevention engine. Our file transfers use 256-bit SSL Certificate protection to ensure that your files are fully encrypted during any form of transfer, both sending and receiving. Your login information is secured with the same SSL encryption. Learn more

Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing

Consider this: A study done by Google and Neilson, a leading global information and measurement company, found that close to 20 percent of searches about businesses were done on the go. Seventy-seven percent were done at home-and when the searchers decided to act, 55 percent did so within an hour.

Targeting your direct mail can tap into the immediacy of a buying decision. Whether using a simple name and address change or sophisticated exchanges of images, calls to action, and layouts. Adding variable elements to your next campaign can triple your response rates! Learn more

Digital Multi-Channel Marketing And Integrated Direct Mail Can Boost Your Roi

When you combine direct mail with your digital marketing strategies, it makes all of your marketing channels more effective. Direct mail increases engagement, drives lead generation, and enhances digital marketing efforts. In fact, USPS reports that Direct Mail boosted ROI by 20% when it was part of an integrated campaign. Learn more

Digital multi-channel marketing and integrated direct mail can boost your ROI